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The Ultimate Italian Bachelorette Bridal Basket

Bachelorette season is here and no bachelorette is complete without gifts! Instead of the traditional trinkets, we think the best gifts you can give your girls are items that transport them to a place and time. So, we have put together the ultimate basket of goodies that will make your ladies feel like they just returned home from a trip to the Italian coast.  

Lake Como Bag

Lake Como Bag
Every basket needs the perfect vessel to put gifts in and we love the idea of giving your girls something they can use after the weekend is over! This Lake Como bag by Monday Swimwear will soon be a summer staple, as it doubles as a travel, farmers market, and beach bag. 


White Chocolate Lemon Pistachio Biscotti 

A flavor that tastes like summer our White Chocolate Lemon Pistachio Biscotti will transport your ladies right to the Amalfi Coast.

Italian Wine 

White wine
No bachelorette basket is complete without the perfect bottle of wine! Not sure what wine to pick? Allow our favorite Sommelier, Kirsten Bhattacharyya, to guide you with our wine pairing guide

Italian Love Story

 Italian Love Story
The final touch is a love story! Whether One Italian Summer or your book of choice, give your friends a book to draw out the romance or transport them to a destination in the world.
Tip: If you are doing a destination wedding, find a book that takes place in your destination! 
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