Best Italian Gift Basket 2022

Gourmet gifts are one of the best ways to make your loved ones feel special on special occasions. On the occasion of a birthday, anniversary, milestone, holiday, or festival, gourmet gift baskets are the ultimate gift to make the occasion extra special. We know and understand the importance of seeing a loving smile on the face of people you love. So, here we have created a list of the handpicked best Italian gift baskets for 2022. We present a list containing premium Italian treats; these are not your regular gift baskets. The contents of these gift baskets are sure to give your foodie loved ones a treat. The aesthetically pleasing packaging, too, has its fan base. Without playing anymore with words, let us quickly show you the list of unique Italian gourmet gifts.

Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea and Biscotti Gift Set by Giorgio Cookie Company

When the season starts cooling, nothing can feel better than a hot cup of spiced tea. This gift basket is handcrafted lovingly by Giorgio Cookie Company. This gift set includes a tin of 20 sachets of hot cinnamon spice tea and the bestselling fall biscotti samplers. This orange satin tied.

The three unique flavors of gourmet Italian biscotti you will receive in this gift basket are white chocolate pumpkin walnut, salted caramel, and vanilla chai. All these flavors go very well with hot cinnamon spice tea flavored with orange peels. You should know that Giorgio cookie company likes to maintain the premium standard of their handmade cookies by wrapping them individually. This means each bite of biscotti will have a feeling of freshness. This gift set is the best way to make your loved ones’ evening so unique that they miss you with every bite of gourmet Italia biscotti and every sip of their hot-flavored tea.

Fall Coffee and Biscotti Sampler Gift Set by Giorgio Cookie Company

This fantastic gift basket comes with an option for customization. You can choose between Pumpkin Spice and Southern Pecan coffee flavors. The coffee in this Italian gift basket is made of 100% Arabica beans. Your choice of coffee will be sent with three delicious flavors of gourmet Italian biscotti.

White chocolate pumpkin walnut biscotti, dark chocolate hazelnut cookies, and white chocolate raspberry cookies are not only one of the most popular gourmet biscotti by Giorgio Cookie Company but are also one of the finest dunking partners for coffee. These cookies will refresh your loved ones when dunked with pumpkin spice and southern pecan coffee. This handmade gift basket set of cookies and coffee comes in a pleasing gift wrap design tied with a silky orange satin bow.

Fall Biscotti and Cookie Samplerby Giorgio Cookie Company

The fall biscotti and cookie sampler gift basket is the collection of the choicest of popular biscotti and cookies popular among patrons during the fall season. White chocolate pumpkin walnut biscotti, white chocolate raspberry gourmet cookies, and chocolate hazelnut cookies are wrapped in clear packing. The packing is meant for your convenience to grab and go and enjoy the freshness in each bite.

These cookies are proudly baked in the USA using authentic Italian recipes handed down from generation to generation. The Italian signature style of double-baking cookies is rarely available. Giorgio Cookie Company is one of the fewest businesses that have carried the Italian legacy of baking cookies. If you want an Italian feel in your gift, you must take advantage of this gift idea.

Coffee and Biscotti Sampler Gift Set by Giorgio Cookie Company

If you are searching gift basket for someone who loves coffee, you cannot miss this gift set. In this highly customizable gift set, you are given seven options of coffee, including Breakfast blend, deaf breakfast blend, birthday cake, hazelnut, highlander grog, Jamaican me crazy, and Tanzania Peaberry. These coffee flavors are as interesting as their name. None of them is worth not choosing.

Your chosen coffee flavor will land at the given address with three interesting flavors of Italian gourmet biscotti. These three flavors of cookies include salted caramel biscotti, double chocolate roasted almonds, and double chocolate walnut. Every piece of gourmet Italian biscotti is packed individually to keep the freshness and crunchiness intact for every bite. The package is shipped to the given address and wrapped with a shiny satin bow. Though every piece of these biscotti has been baked in the USA, they will never disappoint in giving the traditional Italian feel.

Seasonal Biscotti Collection by Giorgio Cookie Company

The seasonal biscotti collection by Giorgio Cookie Company is yet another gift basket that you can choose to show love to your loved ones on their special occasion. This gift set gives you all the options to personalize the gift and shower your love on those who deserve that.

The gift set includes three bestselling biscotti and one seasonal gourmet Italian biscotti. This includes white chocolate pumpkin walnut biscotti, double chocolate roasted almonds, salted caramel, and white chocolate cranberry orange. This gourmet gift box will be shipped to your loved one in silver gift boxes with hand-tied ribbons of your color. The satin ribbon allows you to personalize the gift for your loved one with the color they

love. To make the gift more special, you can swap the silver gift box with an attention-grabbing glass jar that makes your gift look more premium. The lid of the glass jar includes a seal that protects the freshness of the product.


The gift set combos by Giorgio Cookie Company bring the authentic taste and feel of Italian biscotti. The gift sets are a treat to the taste buds and eyes with their satin ribbons and nice packing. When you are unsure what gift you want to give someone you love, the gift sets from Giorgio Cookie Company are the best regardless of the receiver's age. Italian biscotti is a treat enjoyed by people of all ages. While little kids enjoy dunking their double-baked authentic Italian biscotti in a hot glass of milk, adults relish their biscotti with small sips of chilled wine.

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