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How to Make Stanley Tucci’s Bicerin Coffee Drink at Home

In Stanley Tucci's recent episode of Searching For Italy, he visits the northern region of Piemonte, Italy where he discovers one of Italy's best-kept secrets: Bicerin Coffee. Never heard of Bicerin Coffee? It is a decadent combination of Espresso, chocolate, milk, and cream, poured in layers to make every sip rich and heavenly. 

Making Bicerin at home is simple because you only need a few ingredients: Espresso, homemade hot chocolate, fresh milk, and cream, but the key and ultimate secret is the technique in which you pour each layer. Keep reading to find out how to make this delicious drink at home.

Bicerin Coffee Recipe


2 oz Giorgio Breakfast Blend Coffee Giorgio coffee of choice
2 oz heavy whipping cream
½ to 1 oz milk, depending on how thick you like the hot chocolate (plus more milk for frothing for the top layer)
2 oz dark chocolate (we suggest 60-70%)
1 tsp dark cocoa powder


First, begin brewing your Giorgio coffee. We suggest a stronger coffee for this recipe, so add in a little more beans than your standard cup. Next, make the hot chocolate! In a small saucepan, combine cream, milk, chocolate, and cocoa powder over low heat. Whisk continuously until the mixture becomes thick. Once ready, remove from heat and keep covered. 
 Now that your coffee is brewed and your chocolate is settling, it's time to froth the milk. Add milk to a milk frother and froth until thick. 
As we mentioned before - combining the ingredients in the glass is an art in itself and is what makes a Bicerin so special. So here is how you do it:

Pouring Directions:

1. First, pour the hot coffee into a tall glass 
2. Next, pour in the hot chocolate over a spoon allowing the liquid to pour in on the side of the glass (not splashing into the center of the coffee). This will allow the thick chocolate to form a layer on the bottom of the glass, under the coffee. 
3. Add your frothed milk to the top. Remember DO NOT STIR. 
4. Pair with your favorite Giorgio Biscotti, take a sip at a time, and enjoy the flavors of each layer! 
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