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How To Make The Perfect Affogato

An Affogato is the perfect dessert for summer, combining vanilla bean ice cream or gelato with rich coffee for creamy goodness in a cup. At Giorgio, we like to make our Affogatos extra special by adding our secret ingredient: Amaretto, an Italian almond-flavored liqueur.

Affogato Recipe

Affogatos have been a long-standing traditional Italian dessert, functioning as a substitute for an after-dinner coffee or espresso. The key to a perfect Affogato is the combination of temperatures that make each bite extra special and allows for the ice cream or gelato to slowly melt. Ready to wow your guests at your next dinner party with this interactive dessert? Follow the instructions below!


1-2 Scoops Vanilla Bean Gelato or Ice Cream 
1 OZ Amaretto Liqueur 


Simply place your scoops of Vanilla Bean Gelato or Ice Cream at the base of a cup or bowl, pour over the Amaretto Liqueur and finally add your warm coffee.

Enjoy with a side of Giorgio Biscotti for dipping.

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