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How to Host a Ladies Night Like The Real Girlfriends in Paris

Bravo's newest TV show Real Girlfriends in Paris is receiving all the hype and for good reason: Everyone loves dreaming about living in Paris! After watching the first few episodes, we felt it was only necessary to share a few tips to hosting the perfect ladies' night - inspired by Paris!


1. Champagne, Champagne, Champagne...

Need we say more? No Parisian ladies' night is complete without popping a bottle of champagne and having a cheers to the occasion. Curious what biscotti pairs with Champagne? See our guide here.

champagne and biscotti pairing 

2. Finger Food Is a Must 

Eating simply feels more ladylike when the food is bite-sized! Try a charcuterie board made with all local ingredients or simply pair some gourmet cookies with your favorite champagne for a bite-sized snack every guest will love. 


3. Never Show Up Empty Handed

Finally, one of the most important rules of a Parisian ladies' night is to never show up empty-handed! Always bring a gift for the host whether it be your favorite bottle of wine, some Giorgio Biscotti, or flowers.

ladies night gift ideas 

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