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Why you should offer Gourmet Biscotti in your coffeehouse

When you first open a coffeehouse, the most important thing to do is find a coffee roaster.  Once you take that first sip, you immediately know if you have found the perfect cup of Joe for your business.  You found your roaster, now what? 

Next, you need to find complementary add-on items.  These items are imperative because they increase your average order size per customer and can contribute quite a bit of additional revenue to your bottom line.  After all, you are paying for the space - use it!   

The highest volume of customer traffic is mornings and afternoons.  These are two excellent opportunities to offer add-on items.  Morning items could include muffins, coffee cakes or biscotti.  Afternoons are another chance to increase sales with sandwiches, soups or sweet treats.  Who doesn't want a little snack to go with that afternoon pick me up?  Most lunch crowds are time sensitive and do not want to visit multiple locations, they need convenience.  The key is to find balance here.  You do not want to offer too many items/flavors - keep it simple.  

The obvious main goal of any business is to get new customers coming through your door daily and maintain repeat business.  Keep in mind that not everyone loves coffee; therefore, it is imperative that you include other desirable items - tea, breakfast, lunch and desserts.

One benefit of offering our gourmet biscotti is that it is an all day menu item.  It can be eaten in the morning, afternoon or evening.  At Giorgio, we offer bulk or individually wrapped biscotti.  If you are a drive-thru coffeehouse, the individually wrapped biscotti is a good choice for you.  However, if you have a cafe, our bulk biscotti displays beautifully in our glass storage jars.  This merchandising gives off the fresh baked look while protecting product freshness.  

Benefits of offering our gourmet biscotti in your coffeehouse or cafe:

  • All day menu item
  • Fresh baked using the finest ingredients
  • Perfect complement to coffee and tea
  • Freezer-safe for up to 6 months (virtually no waste)
  • Available in bulk or individually wrapped
  • Biscotti jars available for additional cost

Our gourmet biscotti is the perfect complement to coffee, tea and your bottom line...

If you are interested in our gourmet biscotti, please email sales@giorgiocookieco.com for more information.  

These opinions are based on my experience as a coffeehouse owner for almost 15 years.  My mother and I discovered Giorgio biscotti through purchasing from a local Italian bakery for our own coffeehouse.  Our customers LOVED these authentic Italian confections.  Over the years, we built a strong relationship with the family who owned the bakery.  When the opportunity presented itself, my mother and I acquired the bakery.  We improved the Old World recipes by switching to unbleached flour, pure Madagascar Vanilla and real butter.  It is our passion to offer our customers a biscotti unlike any other.  


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