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How to Set the Ultimate Easter Table Everyone Will Love

How to create an easter brunch table

Easter is known for lush tablescapes, pretty pastels, spring flowers and, of course, brunch with the entire family. So, we have put together the ultimate guide to make your Easter brunch planning a breeze.


Pick Your Color Scheme

Pastels for Easter are always the go to, but regardless of the colors you choose, we always suggest sticking to 1 primary color and 1-2 supporting colors. This will help your design flow and feel cohesive throughout the entire table. For our table set up, we chose the primary color of lavender to match our Giorgio Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea Tin and our supporting color as pastel pink.
Easter Brunch Jasmine Tea
Easter Brunch Table set up

Add Fresh Flowers 

Fresh flowers add the finishing touch to any Easter table. Try playing with colors and mixing different varieties such as tulips, roses, and hydrangeas. Always pick one white flower and then 1-2 colored flowers that fit together, such as yellow and orange or purple and pink. This will help add dimension to your bouquets without distracting from the rest of the table decor. 

We chose to do purple tulips, light pink and white roses, with accent greenery and small white flowers.

Easter flowers table decor

Simple, Yet Inviting Place Settings

Whether you like a more formal dining experience or a family style meal, it’s important to make every place setting inviting and intriguing. Try mix matched plates or colorful napkins to brighten up each spot. Don’t forget a little sweet treat on each plate as well. This can be something as simple as a chocolate bunny or as special as an individually wrapped Giorgio biscotti tied with dried lavender! 

Easter table settings

how to set your easter table

Make The Food Part Of The Decor

The most important part of any table is always the food, so why not make it part of the decor itself? Create a dessert tower with our White Chocolate Lemon Pistachio biscotti (cut in half) and our Signature Cookie Collection (a combination of Dark Chocolate Hazelnut and White Chocolate Raspberry Gourmet Cookies) as the centerpiece. Three tiered cake stands help to add height to the table and also allow for more room for decor and other brunch dishes. No Easter Brunch is complete without coffee and tea! Fancy tea tins are perfect to complement the table setting. (Hint: We find that Earl Grey tea is the perfect complement to our lemon flavored biscotti). 

Easter table decor

what to eat for easter brunch

Easy Easter brunch for the entire family

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