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5 Best Italian Destinations For Summer Travel

Lake Como

The ultimate in a luxury Italian vacation is Lake Como. Set in the Northern region of Italy, Lake Como is famous for its drastic scenery at the foothills of the Alps. Our Double Chocolate Roasted Almond Biscotti was inspired by this destination due to its effortless decadence and timeless nature. 
Where To Stay: Grand Hotel Tremezzo 
Lake Como Italy


When tourists think of Italy during the summer, Positano is typically what comes to mind. Positano is an iconic town on the Amalfi coast known for its colorful homes perched on the sides of the mountains. Colorful orange umbrellas line the beaches, and you can smell fresh pizza around every corner. Our White Chocolate Cranberry Orange Biscotti was inspired by this destination due to the rich colors of the umbrellas and houses that make this destination so iconic.
Where To Stay: Le Sirenuse 
Positano Italy


A true lovers' paradise, Capri is just as breathtaking as seen in pictures. Cobblestone streets bring you down to the water's edge lined with hidden beach clubs tucked into the rocks. Enjoy a Hugo Spritz until the sun sets on your private island oasis. Our White Chocolate Lemon Pistachio Biscotti was inspired by this destination due to the location's abundance of lemon trees and fresh lemon sorbet served around every corner.
Where To Stay: JK Place Capri 
Capri Italy


Perched high above the Amalfi coastline, Ravello is known for its old-world feel and music. Walk the grounds of Villa Cimbrone and end your evening sipping a glass of wine, while listening to music in the piazza. Our Turtle Biscotti was inspired by this destination due to the combination of flavors of caramel and pecan that go together like a perfect song. 
Where To Stay: Villa Cimbrone
Inspired Biscotti: Turtle Biscotti
Ravello Italy


A food lovers' and artists' paradise, Florence is home to some of the best restaurants and museums in all of Italy. From the Duomo to the Uffizi, tourists come from around the world to see iconic sculptures and paintings. Plus, hidden on side streets, you can find Michelin star restaurants just waiting to be discovered. Our Double Chocolate Walnut Biscotti was inspired by this destination and created after the famous and most iconic dark chocolate gelato that tourists know and love. 
Where To Stay:  Portrait Firenze
Florence Italy 
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