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3 Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate gifts every employee will love. From seasonal biscotti to coffee tasting, we have gathered together the ultimate ideas for your company to show every employee you care. 

1. Seasonal Biscotti

Our favorite gift for the holiday season is our Seasonal Biscotti package, complete with our best selling gourmet biscotti, as well as our signature holiday flavor. 

2. Biscotti and Cookie Sampler

Our Biscotti and Cookie Sampler is the perfect combination for your employees to share with the entire family. They will receive our #1 selling customer favorites: Salted Caramel biscotti, White Chocolate Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut handcrafted Italian cookies. With our signature biscotti and cookie sampler, you get the best of the best!

3. Coffee, Cookie and Biscotti Sampler

The ultimate holiday gift is our Coffee, Cookie and Biscotti Sampler. Complete with your choice of coffee flavor served with our Signature Biscotti & Cookie Sampler makes for the perfect combination. There is truly no better way to show your employees a happy holiday.  

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