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Harney & Sons - Organic Plain (Black) Iced Tea (6ct)

Harney & Sons - Organic Plain (Black) Iced Tea (6ct)

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Giorgio partnered with Harney and Sons Master Tea Blenders to bring you some of the best tea in the world today. 

A tried and true classic, this Organic Chinese black tea revitalizes with every sip. Long before they reach us, the full leaves are picked by hand, so that each leaf's sweet character and bright, rich body remains intact. Since they're particularly delicious and refreshing iced, we've packaged the leaves in pouches that brew 2 quarts each—ideal for hot summer days. Enjoy plain over ice, squeeze a bit of lemon for extra zing, or add a drop of honey before icing to enhance the sweet character of the brew.

Each tin includes:

  •  6 pouches


  • Organic Chinese black tea


  1. Boil 2 cups of water and pour over a tea bag in a large pitcher
  2. Steep for 15 minutes and then fill with 6 cups of cold water
  3. Remove tea bag and gently squeeze it
  4. Garnish with lemon, orange slice or fresh mint

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