special care instructions - Giorgio

Handcrafted - Made from scratch using unbleached flour, pure extracts and other premium ingredients, each biscotti is truly one-of-a-kind. Our biscotti are hand cut and hand drizzled using on the finest Belgian chocolates; therefore, biscotti will vary in size and apprearance. 

Texture - Our biscotti are unique in texture, shape and size. Unlike traditional biscotti that are crisp and have a distinct shape/size, Giorgio's biscotti offer a softer texture and are generous in size. Our gourmet biscotti are still capable of dunking! 

Storage - Upon receipt, store the unopened biscotti at room temperature for up to 30 days.  If you are not going to enjoy your biscotti within 30 days of receipt, freeze them. Please keep away from heat, humidity and direct sunlight. 

Freezing -  Our biscotti are shipped in a freezer-safe bag and can be frozen for up to 6 months. To thaw, simply remove biscotti from the freezer and allow them to reach room temperature. 

Allergy Information -  Our biscotti contain wheat, soy, milk, eggs and tree nuts. Processed in a facility that also manufactures peanuts. Please refer to nutritional information for itemized ingredients.