Growing up, some of my fondest memories are moments in the kitchen alongside my mom, baking treats for friends and family. She would lovingly teach me all of her favorite recipes, showing me how to carefully measure out flour, cream the butter and sugar, separate the eggs, and form the cookies. I remember the smile on her face, the sweet smell in the air, and most importantly, the feeling of love, comfort, and belonging. 

When an opportunity to purchase a small, Italian bakery in my hometown presented itself, the nostalgia hit me and there I was, back in the kitchen of my childhood, taking in my mother's flour dusted cheeks and poised focus as she working on homemade treats for my brother and me.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to work alongside my mother again, crafting treats that put smiles on the faces of the people we love - so the two of us aquired the small bakery, became business partners, and set out to make it out own.

We started with Old World Italian Cookies, and made it our mission to source the finest, highest quality ingredients available

Ensuring the quality and taste of our confections are matched by the passion we have in our hearts for baking, we took it one cookie at a time, mastering a softer biscotti then moving onto our gourmet cookies.

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