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4th of July BBQ Dessert Guide


Zabaglione is a traditional Italian summer dessert loved for its light and fresh flavors, perfect for after a heavy 4th of July BBQ. Our recipe uses 5 main ingredients: eggs, sugar, sherry, and vanilla...plus Giorgio biscotti of choice! 


Mix 6 egg yolks and 1/2 cup sugar on high for 4-5 min.

Lower the speed and add in 1/2 cup sherry and 1tsp vanilla extract

Place the mixture over a simmering pot of water (don't let boiling water touch the bottom of the bowl)

Whisk the mixture until thick like pudding

Let the mixture cool, layer with strawberries and blueberries

Top with biscotti of choice or layer between cream.



 A crowd favorite for hot summer days is always an ice cream sandwich, but let's give it an Italian twist by substituting ice cream for Gelato and using homemade Italian cookies! Our bite-sized White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies are our favorite to use for this recipe, as they have the perfect tart and sweet combination that pairs beautifully with any gelato flavor. 


Cut your White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies length-wise

Add gelato of choice between the layers 

Freeze sandwiches on a pan until ready to serve!


On the 4th of July, presentation is everything and dessert is the last thing that usually comes just before the fireworks. So, why not end the evening with a little spark by complementing your plate of confetti biscotti with sparklers! This is such a party stopper and will get everyone into the mood for fireworks.

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